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 The local application of a refrigerate to the outer wall of a section of pipeline to freeze the liquid contents of the pipe, thus forming an ice plug allowing repairs or modifications to be carried out. 

Hot Tapping

The ability to safely tie-in to a pressurized system while under full operating conditions.

Live Valve Insertion

Providing a means to install a permanent valve with no interruption of flow through the pipe and no reduction of line pressure (up to 250 psi).

Live Thermowell Insertion

Advanced Flow Technologies can install most of the common internal piping monitors (ie. thermowell, flow meter) on live mechanical systems without interruption to service.

Customer Service Inspections

A customer service inspection is an examination of the private water distribution facilities for the purpose of providing or denying water service. 

Hydrant Flow Testing

Regular hydrant testing is part of many water districts maintenance program. For new hydrant installs and existing hydrants, regular flow testing offers information of how a water system would perform in the event of an emergency.

Backflow Testing

Our Backflow Services include testing your Backflow Valve or Valves and turning SAWS test reports in for you.

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